Dean Turpin -- Senior Software Engineer

Senior software engineer with 20+ years of commercial experience. Motivated self-learner, advocate of modern C++, Linux, automation and knowledge sharing. Open to relocation.

  • Languages: C++26, Python, Bash; OOP, Functional
  • Design: Multithreading, Data Structures, Algorithms, low-latency
  • Build: VS Code, QtCreator, Visual Studio, Make, CMake, Ninja, GitHub Copilot
  • Source control: Git, Subversion
  • CI/CD: Docker, GitLab CI, Google Cloud, Jenkins
  • API: CryptoCompare, MarketStack, OpenAI, gSOAP
  • Protocols: FIX, XMPP, SIP, PCM
  • UI: Qt, JUCE, MFC
  • Unit test/profiling: Google Benchmark, Google Test, gprof
  • Networking: Wireshark/PCAP, Asterisk, OSI (TCP/UDP)
  • CPU: Intel, ARM, SPARC
  • OS: Debian (Ubuntu, Raspian, Kali), Alpine, Windows 11, Unix (Solaris), VxWorks
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, DBeaver
  • Documentation: 11ty, MkDocs, Doxygen, Mermaid, Confluence
  • Dev: Agile, Jira, Slack
  • Education: Computer Science BSc. 2:2 from Manchester University

C++ experience and side-projects

Commercially I develop using C++17, so I feel it is important to explore the latest C++ features in my personal projects. I track the latest Ubuntu Docker image (ubuntu/devel) in my CI pipes and I publish a nightly Docker build of gcc HEAD built from source.

Projects cover subjects such as trading strategy backtesting, PCAP processing, audio and OpenAI. I believe a solid foundation in ubiquitous languages such as Bash and Python is essential in CI and cloud computing; I have an interest in a more functional approach offered by compile-time programming; and I consider profiling and benchmarking an integral and continuous part of the development process for low-latency applications.

Currently a reviewer/TE on an unpublished C++ book aimed at junior developers.

Top level domains

Current tech stack

[Refreshed 2024-02-25]

C++23, Ubuntu 24.04, g++ 14.0.1 (HEAD), GitLab CI, Qt 5.15, clang-format, Wirehshark, bash, DBeaver, vim, pjsip 2.14, VS Code, CMake 3.28, Google Cloud, GoogleTest/Benchmark, gprof, Linux kernel 6.6, GitHub Copilot, Python 3.12.1, Docker 24

Skills timeline

Influential technology

Technologies that have had a positive, lasting impact on me as a developer.

  • 2024: gcc HEAD, C++ modules, constexpr cmath
  • 2023: Google Benchmark, Haskell, ChatGPT, shellcheck, AVX, GitHub Copilot, OpenSCAD
  • 2022: SIP, GitBook, Compiler Explorer (on prem), GitLab (on prem), GitLab service desk, git worktrees, FIX, constexpr (for UB), GoogleTest, VS Code web IDE
  • 2021: std::format, TMP, C++20 ranges and views (lazy evaluation)
  • 2020: Blender, Media servers, ZeroMQ, Tracy profiler, Raspberry Pi
  • 2019: Cloud computing, R/notebooks, GitLab, Hugo
  • 2018: Docker
  • 2017: Cryptocurrency, blockchain
  • 2016: C++1z
  • 2015: git, GitHub

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