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Observations and tips, with a focus on my own experiences owning a Tesla Model Y. There is also a Tesla performance with a slightly shorter range (but goes like stink).

Comparison of charger powers

DC power = voltage x current

Note the supercharger is DC and uses those two large pins at the bottom of the connector.

Description Power Current mph Voltage
Wall plug 2.3kW 8 240V
Lamppost 3.7kW 16A 14 240V
Home 7.4kW 32A 28 240V
3-phase 11kW 42
3-phase 32kW 42
Supercharger 250kW 520A 648 480V

See Tesla Supercharger and evbox.com.


  • CCS2 "Combo 2" (Combined Charging Connector) -- what a design this is!
  • IEC Type II -- the normal one you'll see everywhere
  • CHAdeMO -- weird one that you need an adapter for

Home chargers

Tesla Model Y

  • Battery capacity 82 kWh
  • Driving range 336 miles (this has been downgraded in 2024)
  • Efficiency 271 Wh/miles
Model Range Efficiency Battery capacity Power per mile
Model Y RWD 303 miles 250 Wh/miles 75 kWh 250 W/mile
Model Y AWD LR 336 miles 271 Wh/miles 82 kWh 271 W/mile
Model Y AWD Performance 303 miles 271 Wh/miles 82 kWh 271 W/mile

82000 / 271 = 302.5 miles

Third party

Camping in the Tesla


Software developers

Solar panels




Return to an ICE

Observations after driving an electric car for a while. This is comparing a 2023 with a 2022 Mercedes petrol.


  • Tesla Model Y long range 2023
  • Mercedes C 200 SPORT MHEV 2022 (petrol)
  • Mercedes CLC 220 2008 (diesel)
Feature Tesla Mercedes
Acceleration Instance torque in an EV Unresponsive but sounds nice
Braking Regen is great Brakes are still really sharp after two years
"don't pull out now!" warning On screen in peripheral vision A little primative, but very effective! Especially when you reversing into a road
Turning Quite large Tighter
Steering Medium Very light
Reversing camera Good Awful super wide angle
Navigation Good Very cluttered

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