Software dev in a large corp versus a small company

Feature Small company large corporation
Employees <100 >60000
Source control git Subversion
Development strategy Feature branches, merge to master by the PO Commit to trunk
CTO Is a software developer Who is the CTO?
Business development manager (demos) Hands on every day Used the system only when preparing for demos
Agile Not strictly Agile but evolved into Kanban Notionally Agile but reverting to micro management
Production Looking after Jenkins is a job in its own right Jenkins management absorbed by the software team
User documentation Documentation is a full-time in-house role Not full-time, manuals subcontracted
Time booking None Booked by the hour to a works order number
Working hours Fixed hours Flexible start time (2 hour window)


A flexible start time does make it easier for the individual. But at the cost of fewer core hours and maybe encourages the "lazy late starter" mentality.

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